James worthy takeover

I have glass cleaner takeover and wanna change it. Anyone know any coach /shoe combos that will change his take over ?

I gave him the Jordan 3point,Block, Steal shoe and he has Dead Eye takeover… i think that’s what it’s called… The shooting Takeover where they basically just don’t miss…
Coach Steve Kerr.

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Kk good to know. I haven’t put a shoe yet so just figuring out which one

I’d love shot creator. But sharp is good too

It’s sharp. It’s the one that looks like a bulls eye or something. I forgot al the 2k terms from playin soo much Madden.

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Pink superstar + Malone also a sharp. Might be a better combo


Thanks dude. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

I can’t remember who the exact coach is now but I think with stotts or dantoni without shoes you immediately get slasher

yea Mike D w/o shoe is slasher

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Can you get shot creator takeover with worthy at all ? Or post take over ???

Is it possible to get post?

I dunno. Imma try and see

I got lock down with Pop. That’s kinda nasty

Maybe the coach that boosts post moves???

YES !! I GOT IT. So the Jordan shoe that boosts post hook post fade and post moves plus Malone = post takeover

Feel like @EarvGotti would appreciate this info


is it even effective? the drop-step is broken this year

Aye good looks.

Hooks fades and moving post shots should all be easier. I’ll lab it and let you know but should be pretty cheese against all these “midgets”

Post spin probably cheese too

Probably better than rebounding lol

I got the shoe and he gets post with Dan too

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Same with doc

Key is staying away from anything that boosts rebounding lol. Same with the coach

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