James wiseman the future Hornets Player

Terry Rozier
Devonte Graham
Miles Bridges
PJ Washington
James Wiseman

Rotation pieces:
Malik Monk
Cody Zeller


Still trash


Damn. Who the f gets paid in New Orleans

LaMelo Ball plays like a wet fart very unwanted

MJ need to stop w the terrible hand outs



Graham and Bridges bright spot

Monk got popped for juice last year

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I thought it was cocaine lol, he a bust

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Lolol. He be flying like a bulldog who just accidently sniffed cocaine off the floor

Dude is freakish. Ayton got popped for roids last year too

Calipari fraud fiends

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Hornets got nothing to lose in my opinion as long as they don’t draft Lamelo

Remember when monk cried after missing the buzzer beater in college

I respected it

A real moment to revisit


Luke Maye!!!

Oh it was Fox

Damn Bam a baby!!

Legit had Fox Bam and Monk inexperience always comes back to bite people in the ass

Yeah tuff to really win it all with one and dones

Only team to win was AD

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Like people thought Duke would mop the floor last year but when things got tough Zion practically Shit himself and RJ couldn’t make a free throw

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I think LaMelo’s gonna be really good actually. I wouldn’t mind taking him

19% from three is terrible

that can be worked on. he hasn’t been apart of an organization that can help him develop that skill yet. what he can do with the ball with his size is a lot harder to teach.

Usually NCAAB is guard driven

Need an offensive force and usually they a small guard

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