James Silas Offline slashing lord

Anyone else using him?

Currently my second highest scoring player behind Giannis. I’m running him off the bench at the 2 spot. He’s 6.1 but has handled himself on the defensive end and grabs a few boards too. His speed and slashing ability is unreal. If you’re not too concerned with shooting (I’m not as I have only certain players I can shoot with) he’s a must try.

Going to have a hard time taking him off my squad! Not sure what I’ll do once I pick up Kobe. Probably rum him off the bench at the 1.

10k Amethyst

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“Slasher” with a 70 3 ball and 75 driving dunk? 1 hof badge and it’s tear dropper ?

There’s numerous amounts of better 2 guards and for cheaper.

Hell, Desmond mason has better 3 ball and best driving dunk in the game apart from some reward opals and pds. And he’s free

Think his 91 SWB may be the key. I dunk enough to be effective but am blowing by so fast on the break if he lays it up it’s all good.

Getting the old Jo Jo White, Fat Lever vibes with this card. (Minus the shooting and adding more dunking)

Maybe it is just me :joy:

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Iverson and Barbosa more effective imo

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I’ve got both of those, Iverson was almost too fast? Feels really small too.

Barbies only good in TTO for me

Fair call though. I’ll continue to drink the Silas KoolAid :slight_smile:

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True on Barbosa in TT. He carried me through the first 200

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This card is pretty good in the right hands. Met a guy on TTO, we played 4 games afterwards on HOF difficulty and this card is a tear drop machine. His handles are pretty good too. Last game we played he dropped 21 on me. He’s really efficient at driving and kicking out to open shooters. Dwayne wade is just as good if not better, but he can’t play PG. I wouldn’t use Silas personally cause of the team I have, but for 10-13K, he’s not bad for the price.

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Yeah I’m still starting Wade at the 2. This guy is like a Lou Williams 6th man type that just slashes and scores, controls the offence. My Starbury off the bench does get jealous even though he is ‘better’

He honestly looks like a better dribbler than starbury. Idk, maybe it’s just me but it lo Is effortless watching him dribble and break defenders, almost like how d wade’s handles are.

I just realised. isn’t he James silas? lol. was just looking up his badges on mtdb

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Yea he is, I’m surprised I didn’t notice that myself. His player model looks real clean too.

Card is a beast offline

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James Silas not Paul… Paul is a sapphire pf.