James Harden is on a Historically Great Run

Harden is averaging 39.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, 8.5 assists and 2.1 steals during the Rockets’ 10-1 run. He has eight consecutive games of at least 35 points and five assists, breaking a record set by Hall of Fame guard Oscar Robertson. And Harden has three of his four triple-doubles this season during Houston’s hot streak.

Harden now has 408 points in his past 10 games. According to the Elias Sports Bureau research, Harden joined Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the only players in the past three decades to score at least 400 points over a 10-game span.

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I wonder how many free throws each of them got on their corresponding runs


The Free Throw numbers have been both laughable and vomit-inducing.

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Fear the beard

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Not sure… but a freethrow is still a way to score the ball. A lot of times he’s actually being fouled, but then there are the times where the refs just give him a call.

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How about you expand that screenshot to include his FTA. He eclipsed 15 FG makes in only one of those games…

Lol that’s from google. It doesn’t show freethrows.

Lmao 21 points off free throws is absurd

27 attempts lol thats like 25minutes

Yeah 27 freethrow attempts are a lot, but that’s only 1 game. Wade, Kobe, Mj and most great scorers get to the line a lot.

I don’t know why you guys bashing the ft-attempts. I have never seen a more elegant player when attacking the rim. He is using his strengths, and taking advantages of the stupidity of the players that are fouling him. It is not his fault that for an example Schroder is reaching for the ball when he is holding it with his hands. I watched him against OKC, and he was really great. He is carrying that Rockets team on his back towards playoff. Also he still has to hit them 21 free throws.


Still better than the hack-a-whoever. Nothin better than watching Dwight shoot 39 free throws in a game lol

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I dont respect him initiating everything but hes a great player

I just checked the stats @Simon @DaNali @BryanD and Both Kobe and Michael Jordan actually averaged around the same freethrow attempts as Harden per game. Harden is averaging a career high 11.1 attempts per game. Michael Jordan averaged 11.9 ft attempts per game. Kobe 10.7 attempts per game. I think this is normal. We just have more analytics and media drawing attention to it now.


Still it is a part of the game in this modern age. He is payed to win and produce, and that he is doing with any means necessary.


Lulz few dudes talk bs how he ruins NBA, how he gets all phantom calls and ft amount is absurd when MJ and Kobe averaged about same, i mean, you think hes this and that and its cool, your opinion and i respect it, just dont need the hate to cloud your judgement :slight_smile:

There are ALOT of people who dont watch him play all that much but get their opinions formed by other dudes in internet, Harden is one of most hated players, not even a question.

You do understand that the fouls on MJ and Kobe were much harder fouls, right?

Harden is going to the line by flailing his arms and initiating soft contact, and then selling the foul by flopping.

He also doesn’t play defense. MJ and Kobe played masterful defense, so their individual games are a lot less “knock-able” compared to Harden’s.

like i said i dont respect him initiating ex - hooking their arms then chucking a shot, driving straight into a defender on transition

but hes great