James Harden broke covid protocols

Instagram post suggest this, and he really want out of Houston on day 1 :laughing:

Omg harden you’re such a victim… smh


Snitching on himself…

What contender wants to give up all there young studs plus picks at this point, probably nobody, they should of taken what they could get a month ago

Mike Scott and a 2nd round pick for Harden

“The real always end up on top” says the guy who flops to 15 free throws a game and hasn’t made it to the finals.

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G league is calling.

Still got two years left on his contract but doing this on day 1 is a bad sign for teams who he doesn’t want play for if they trade for him.

I think raps should make a move for him, worked with kawhi, they stuck in the dreaded 4-8 seed race likely anyway


Just send him to the knicks already

I just don’t think the raps sound like contenders if they lose Siakim in the process. You’d be pushing Harden to the 3 or bring Fred off the bench and he’s expensive for a bench piece.


Hello everyone,

I just came in here to quickly say Go Rockets!

-Yao Ming


damnit i wanted to see Dort clamp him up tonight


G league vs G league tonight…

He’s killing his trade value and forcing the rockets to hold onto him.

Overreactions galore.

And now the whole rockets starters are out because of haircuts, this only gets better :laughing:


Dodging Dort.

It’s gonna be a real thing that “part of the game,” this season, could be discipline in being diligent about COVID-19, like it was in the bubble.

Maybe less so…given that I think we’ll all be in a much better position by the time the Playoffs start. But could definitely affect seeding. And let’s not discount how a non-severe case of COVID-19 can still wreck a person’s cardio for a sizeable stretch of time.