Jacksonville Shooting

Damn just heard the shooting happened at a Madden tournament. Thoughts and prayers out to those impacted by another pointless act of violence

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people should have license in order to have a gun, its too bad the weapon industry in america is too strong and cant be changed

I live here, I’m safe though. Pretty sad.

That shit is so fucking scary. ATF got on the scene fast as hell and took the suspect out.

I can’t help but wonder what triggered it. Was it premeditated or an act of passion? Not that it truly matters and was more than likely planned out given the number of premeditated shootings that occur in today’s society

I know you do. You’re not close are you?

It’s downtown, I live more near campus. But it’s still only about 20 minutes away from me.

I read somewhere that it was related to madden, possibly someone mad about it or something.

I heard trueboy got hit. I think you can hear him scream in the video. I hate to say it, but I presume he may have passed. Fucked up.

Is trueboy one of the guys who were playing on that stream?

is everybody in america really can buy a gun like a milk in the supermarket?

Yeah he was.

No. If you are a felon, you can’t own a firearm.

The black or white guy?

Only in certain cities, and certain neighborhoods within those cities.

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Black guy.

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you dont need a psychologic approve?

Honestly, if someone wants to get a gun, they’ll find a way. There’s no 100% true answer to prevent bad people from getting guns. That’s why they’re called criminals, because they don’t follow the law.


Fuck man.