Ja Morant or HoF badge

I got Francis who stat wise is just as good and I have Payton. Thing is i dont like Francis’ release and know Jas will be better. Im thinking HoF badge tho with how much ive been seeing ppl make on some of these cards that come out. What is everyone else going for?

Ja for the fun factor and to give him a fair tryout as GP’s backup. I have The Francis fully badged and shoed and prefer my current backup Walt Frazier over him. I find Francis overrated AF.

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I usually go for the HoF badge but I love Ja so for me this season I am getting him. Francis is nice don’t get me wrong and they are both very similar stat and badge wise. The only real big difference is some of the animations. Other than that they are pretty close to being the same to include height ad wingspan. Honestly if you have Francis and you are not a real life fan of Ja I don’t think you’ll be missing out on much. I feel like Ja will give you a little different styles on the court. Depends on how you use your PG’s. Ja defensively leaves little to be desired.

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I’m taking the badge. I won 12 games this weekend and only saw the ring once. I did pull Wall so I’m not upset about it. Hopefully the badge is one I can use on him.

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I would go for Ja, I think he’s gonna be incredible. His emerald was really good and dunked on everyone so his PD should be great.

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I was going for Ja - until I got Wall with lot of extra badges - now I will just get HOF.
Anyway - I never used any player from Limited - neither in 2k21 - neither in this one (for some reason I got Booker that I never used :slight_smile: ). Looks like all Limited players quite bit ‘limited’ in their stats and models - and usually outdated way before you can get one.

At the end of the day these limited reward cards are always offline mode beasts at minimum.

If you are set at PG then yea a HOF badge makes sense. Odds are you will probably not get a great badge, but there is a chance. I will probably get Ja just because I like completing the task and trying out the player.

Then again If I could take it back it probably would have been smarter to take the HOF badge instead of Devin Booker who I never use. He was a good offensive card. I could use him, but I like to use better defenders at that position.

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ok ask your self this:

what is the chance of getting an actual decent hof badge?

is that chance really worth missing out on a top 5 pg for free?

*remember, it is 2k’s mission to screw you over

Anyone tried Ja yet? I haven’t been able to get on yet and I’m wondering how good he is.

i opted out and got bail out hof instead of him :slight_smile:
there already few reviews on youtube

Has probably 15 days lifespan, tops. Stockton is more effective.

Ja is meh. He is a bit underwhelming, after playing will Steve Francis.

He just doesn’t give me that feeling, like diamond drose did in season 1

I dont know, I loved how Ja plays. He can actually hold his own on defense and that finishing at the rim is nuts, as it should be. Release is very Nice, the same as previous years and handles are top notch as well. If you’re not going for HOF badges to put on some Crazy player to make profit - go get Ja, he’s for sure Top 5 PG rn

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After trying Ja for a good amount of unlimited games I gotta say he’s been incredible, Him and Francis are almost identical but Ja has the slight advantage imo. Definitely better than a random hof badge. Plus it’s Ja!!!

Edit: He reminds me of Isiah Thomas the way he dunks on everything.

The topic is Ja Morant or HOF badge??? I say both!!! Get Ja Morant and ADD HOF badges to this top notch S tier PG.

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