Iverson price predictions?

I’d say probably like 250k mt

Def 300K+

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It all depends on his stats/badges/intangibles

Gonna have to be on high snipe alert :warning: for a bin hopefully

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Exactly all us snipers on here be like lol 100k max


Why do people like iverson cards so much? Im willing to learn how to use him but i dont see how he is better then kyrie/d rose/c paul

It’s because it’s Iverson. Popularity outweighs 2K court production. Though I think with 2k19 making those smaller players actually useful, people are very eager to try out an AI. We were robbed of a proper opportunity to use him in k18


This about sums it up…


The PD in 2K18 was filthy.

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i dont know why people dont love iverson. and i love him so much :laughing:

I think he will be at 190-230k,gonna sell some stuff and cop him tom or the next day

If he has hof mid range and difficult shots as he should this card will be unfair


“The Cornrows Clash”

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Steal and pass interception rate.

He will have hof ankle breaker and acrobat, maybe also tear dropper and difficult shots. Also relentless a possibility, cant see mid range dead eye thought.

He only needs that HoF P&R Maestro and acrobat… If so he and Duncan will be a weapon of mass distruction

Btw if this is real ingame footage, i’m getting him just for this escape dribble :smiley:

Rocked him to sleep hahaha

Oh damn so hyped!! He must be unbelievable in this game

Please oh please let 200k be enough for him. Instant starting pg and he can go on my all time Nuggets squad

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