I've never seen this happen before

So I just bought a card. The MT was deducted I go to my auction results and the card isn’t there. I’ve never had this happen before. It was only 2500 but still where the hell is my card. I just blew a piss load of money on MT to finish a set to lock in for tokens I can be losing MT and the cards disappearing. Anyone had this happen before?

Restart your app and check back again? If it’s not there that’s a bummer

check collection it happened for me with dino and he was in collections

I checked the collection but I just restarted 2k before I can out for a cigarette so I’ll see in a minute.

I’ve had 2K steal a refund from a card I won on auction but never the whole card. It should pop up if you restart

Sometimes i send it to my auctions accidentally and search them in everywhere …

I restarted and it’s still not there. Plus I just bought out a cheap card for like 750 nope didn’t get that one either. Fuck this game.

No like I bought it and it wasn’t in my results or my collection. Like it took my money and the card just disappeared.

Damn, 2K Support may be your only option. In other words, RIP

Sometimes It’s slow to go to the your auctions tab.
I remember back in march/april where I heavily bidded (bidded on like 100+ card at the same time) this happened sometime. It will be there in about an hour

I sure hope you’re right. I got bids on like 50 cards right now but damn I’ve had as many as that before and never had this problem.

Look after you said that the 750 buy now card dissapeared aswell I’m 99.9% sure It’s what I’m saying. Sometime 2k server mess up , but it will be there. Not saying 10 or 20 minute , just give it a little time.

Yeah cuz I just won the bid on another card. Watched it count down and end but it never went to the outcomes tab.

Its got to be 2K and their crappy servers. I exited out of my team and opened it back up. It says I have 8 in the auction results but when I open it I get the pop-up that there are no results.

t definitely is the crappy servers. and ha to do with the number of bids u had on cards. yesterday I got outbid for OOP kd at 172k. didn’t appear for like 5mins. restarted my app no. cleared all my auctions and then at some pt he turned up. that was nerve wrecking but I had this issue in 2k19 as well and it usually was ok

Dude like this shit is making want to snap the disc in half. Like now it’s saying 11 results but nothing when I open it. Ok so 4 just came up in the results but I have no idea if those were from just now or earlier.

They’re from earlier. They’re coming in order as they originally ended

Now it decides to do this when I’m on the last set I have to lock in. I really hate technology.

That is what happened for me I sold opal brandon Ingram for 75k and the auction said it ended so I go to check the outcomes and there is no Ingram or mt and the card is gone out of the auction block ? Weird game it is

Ok you were right. Everything is as it should be now. I have to go back and rebid on a few cards but the ones I sold and won all showed like they were supposed to after about an hour and a half.