I've Had Some INSANE Luck Lately, Unorthodox Luck

Unorthodox, as it isn’t huge snipes or pack luck, but perfect timing on my auctions. So here is a summary:
Sell 1st Diamond Paul George for 100k, next day new PG comes out and his price plummets
Snipe 2 McAdoos and sell for 100k, next day price crashes.
Snipe A Kuzma and sold him for 120k, he drops by 10k.

I dunno, but if I ever post a snipe on the snipe thread, might be a good idea to Get. Rid. Of. That. Card. ASAP. :wink:


Bow down to the king as he gained a few thousand mt from days of work

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Cmon man :rofl: cut em some slack :skull::joy:

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Good shit bro! You’ve been staying one step ahead… but you know one of these days you’ll get caught tho lmao. Happens to all of us! But yeah, keep flipping and stacking man, i’m tryna get it too