I've decided to unlock PD rewards. which PD to go for first?

This is my lineup.

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Barry :wink: But Better to Wait for Update on PD Rewards Though.

Save the tokens and get the PD’s if you have tokens available for the GO Reward.

Mutombo 13th man for those times Sabonis gets dicked on defensively


Nobody is really going to be an improvement. Stockton is our. Paul pierce isn’t replacing pg or ak. Hill isn’t replacing Clyde or lebron/Oscar. TD I love but isn’t in most people’s meta. Dikembe is good but you seem to like stretches. No experience with Barry.

I’d consider standing pat.

Your team is real nice with no obvious upgrades needed. Maybe Duncan over Porzingod or maybe Grant Hill over LeBron? I dunno dude, I think you should wait till you get near Galaxy Opals to be for sure about it.

I’m a huge fan of the post. And would unlock alone for Timmy if he’s good. How is he? Is he too slow to play at the 4?

Tbh cop just to get closer to opal. I say Tim

He doesn’t need to cop to go for opals. Copping now only locks you up.

People will say he’s slow, and at times he will be. Other times hes been the first down the floor multiple possessions in a row and gets easy dunks. Weird card but I’ve never been torched using him and he’s always in the right spot in half court possessions both sides of the ball.

mutombo as an emergency defender. Him and Hill are the best 2, IMO. I really don’t like Duncan.

Lol, I still have the PD Barry that I got for 12 tokens, thanks 2K

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Duncan is my favorite PD reward. 95% of people will talk smack about him. But Timmy + D’Antoni + 3pt shoe is 80+ threes. With his 98 offensive consistency, he stretches the floor perfectly. I love his release too, it’s a little late but the only time I’m shooting with him is if my opponent sagging.

He also has hof brick wall which I make use of with plays. Don’t underestimate brick wall. I run Shaq purely to utilize it. HOF bruiser is also amazing, especially if you’re going vs 5 man teams.

However, my play style makes Timmy work because his role on offense is to sit in a corner and if opponent sags, I shoot the 3. If there’s a mismatch guarding him, I abuse his post fade or spin. On defense, he’s a god. No weakness, high strength, high lateral quickness for a big, HOF bruiser means one bump and whoever he’s guarding runs out of stamina.

His weaknesses are his speed, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. +4 speed from coach and then a +5 acceleration boost from the shoe gives him a nice boost. After this, he’s still not exactly fast, but he’s adequate enough. My SG/sf are the fast ones to finish fast breaks.

All in all, I love playing him at the 4 cuz of his screens, abusing mismatches if soemone is running a small or weak defense pf, and most of all I love his defense. He is a defensive goat with his badges and ratings. No other big in the game has defense like that and can stretch the floor on O. GO Wilt is the only one that can play that role better.

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Anthony Davis.

I really really like using dikembe

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AD isn’t as good defensively as Duncan.

Here’s what Duncan has over AD:
-inch in height
-hof defensive stopper
-hof bruiser
-98 strength vs ad’s 90 strength
-better in every defensive stat except steal, but steal isn’t important for pf (Duncan will intercept passes better than AD due to his high reaction time + pass perception)

But yeah, AD can still play that role well if you value much better speed.