Its nice to see game keeps improving

Dude had 17 fouls did not foul out, he was running up and court spamming bump steals, he got quite few, lol i remember when people use to foul out against me right and left, guess gotta keep dem kids happy :smile:


Sometimes when you foul so many times there will be a message saying about “too many penalties”? and resulted in an L.

Don’t you have to get 5 in qtr. for the DQ?

Dude had 6 in one quarter did not get DQ’d lol.

I also had game week ago where guy had 20 fouls and did not get DQ’d either.

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6 should definitely be a foul out, just like irl. Except for a qtr. not a game obviously. :upside_down_face:

So do you think 2k took the foul out option out?
Your logo is :fire: btw, Hemmi2k hooked it up?

Yah, Hemmi’s da bomb :sunglasses: Not sure if they took it out or toned down to where you can barely foul out, but thats its just more power to cheesers.

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Yeah your Logo is :fire:fire

:man_facepalming:t3: I’m gonna need some aspirin then.

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We’re all sporting custom logos thx to @Hemmi2k


I want a logo but dont have money lol

Yeah, yours might be my favorite. @HollygroveMikey4MVP

He got few steals, a nice lead early, started to act like clown, i stayed posed and beat that fucker on last second Issel fade :joy:

Man, stfu, you got money from working at 2k.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

I just got fired man. I smashed ronnie’s chick :rofl:

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I wouldint have done it, Linda is fat and ugly…but each to their own.

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Faded him into a deep coma sleep.

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I think he made both of ours around the same time because both are Fire :fire: