Its Madden SZN!

Who’s ready for Wednesday? :eyes:

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Aha ha…

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Gonna buy some cards on trial some you can make some $ on the launch ? My body is ready, been waiting for this :partying_face:

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Man I miss my MUT days

Was a BEAST back in MUT 25 - MUT 16

I’m a joke on 2k, and looking at how 2K treats its product, EA is WAYYY better

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Foreal this is usually the only good time then the game comes out and these cards worth half of that

I’m grinding Madden until 2K comes out and cashing out. Then I’ll pick it back up when 2K gets stale in like November. I was a beast Madden 15 and 16, then got bored of 17 so I haven’t been on since.

I won’t play Madden unless Corey Dillon or Warrick Dunn are in the game.

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Any tips for a Mut beginner if I were to buy Madden this year?

Ima second year player. If you buy it right now and get EA access you get 10 hour trial, besides what version you buy. In those 10 hours of grind you can buy some good player that will be more costly once the actual launch is on.

The offline content is amazing and you can grind for hours, more like days and stack the dough.

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After this trash I’m ready

Find an offensive scheme you’re comfortable with

If it’s run heavy or pass heavy.

Try to make 2nd and long into 2nd and manageable instead of 1st and 10

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I used my Tight Ends like Gronk a lot :rofl:

Carlo, only you could be down 16 pts with zero pauses left not even halfway into the 2nd Q


Tip: After you’re trial is done you can demand a refund and get your 5.00$ refunded. Also you can switch accounts buy ea access then switch to your main account for more hrs. Do it every year #finesse(actually spell it right).

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Tight ends were the most OP position back in the day of Madden 15 and 16

Give us a tall TE

Most of the time they were lined up against a LB, and if you just ran a simple 15 yard out towards the sideline, it was $$$ 85% of the time

I acually didn’t have any pauses remaining🤣. I quit when he got a foul on the 3pt line.

Yeah i used to cancel mine and just keep gettin another 10 hrs till the game comes out haha


How many account did you use lmfo.

I used to just use my same account cuz you used to be able to just refund your $5 and then go get ea access again and it would refund you so i did that like 4 times lol