It's finally happened!


What a time to be alive


I can tell my kids Simmons was the only player to be 100% from 3 his first 3 years of his career.


he was 0-17 before he hit this one i think lol

Hasn’t he missed some though?

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And his toe was close AF to the line, almost had it taken off him lol

The fans went wild when he hit it
He has that 2K19 Jumper :rofl:

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Lol I thought it was his first attempt never mind.

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i called this in the luka thread

get ready to guard 5-out with a ben simmons that has gold quick first step, gold clamps, and a 70+ open 3


also i hope this helps build simmons confidence, he’s been a top 5 favorite player for me ever since he played at LSU, always been rooting for him

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Knicks Pres and Exec getting ready for another post game press meeting.

Never did we expect at the start of the season to be the team who Ben scored his first 3 against


Ben really looks driven this year. He’s my favorite player in the league, easily.

You didn’t call anything cuz 2k hasn’t released shit lol

Dayum…you went full on harsh. :joy::joy::muscle:t2:

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I mean I just call it like I see it lol

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There will be a 3pt shooting Simmons card in myteam this year even if it’s not a moments from this 3 he will get one at some point.

Yah sure. But not right now lol

This will go down as a national holiday here in Australia lol


Another Random Drug Test :rofl:

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