It's already getting back on my nerves

Blowby are back, post defense is bad because of lack of contact animations, offballers, only shooters and fullcourt are everywhere now

Man why this community has to be so rotten, so poisonous…

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Well, the community is actually reacting to that shit.

In the last few days i have to wait much longer to get a MTU game, ergo less people are playing the game.

The first 10 days of the game were class and after that they just keep messing up with every update.

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The Blowbys happens more frequently this year when the on ball defender have low defensive attitudes. 2 way players may be the wave this year

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I think it’s because most people got Issel or quit on getting him

Oh and I didn’t talked about the worse. My cpu defensive IQ must be the same of a f*cking donkey!

Letting wide open 3’s to shooters even when I ask them to stay attached, coming for help even if i put defensive help at 0.

It makes me sick

Waiting for Rdr2 discount desperately :slight_smile: meanwhile finishing boring domination. Online is really too annoying, i can’t stand it anymore. Gameplay aside, servers are really really giving me creeps. About gameplay, when hof badges are up there, it’ll be worse most likely. Could stand it after k18 but def not with these servers. MyPlayer is not so much different, i tried that too but full of ballhogs if u don’t team up with your buddies.

RDR2 is awesome. Started to play it yesterday and I loved it


I played a guy who gave me 2k18 flashbacks yday. Five out and when he couldn’t blow by would call for pick and then rinse and repeat until CPU messes up the hedge or I get caught on the screen. Rinse and repeat all game.

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