Its about time, what do you think the LV41-45 rewards will be?


  1. Chance at steph again (feel like blake might be in the future season again)
  2. HOF badge pack
  3. Amy/Diamond COACH packs (that could be a huge W coaches mad expensive this year)
  4. similar to 1. chance at rafer alston and bill russell again (but they kinda done that already on the weekend when they re-release all the spotlight challenges)
  5. recycle unlimited rewards (none of them are really relevant at this point tbh, not even iggy when cam reddish is 50k and you get ak47 for 100k)

P.S. sort of did these predictions based on the fact that 2k will recycle content for this, if they do have bigger plan they probably would have announced the content right away instead of letting us wait?

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Cam is nowhere near the defender Iggy is, sorry.

Great card, but iggy is the best all around defender in the game. He clamps everything and can even guard PD Giannis. Cam is probably the better scorer though.


yeah i know
running him in ttonline as the pg is so much fun, lockdown the opponent primary ball handler easily

but if i am to put together a team of 5
probably wont consider iggy
cam is a great cheap cone, then you go higher in budget you can get AK47 at SF, jaylen is technically free as well
and all these great scoring options like zion, PG13, KD, or i will even consider running a badged up hedo at PF
i am so disappointed that 2k didnt even allow range extender on iggy

Bro people still talking about this there isn’t any extra levels this season they lied


I need that HOF clamps on my squad at all times. Clamps on gold is kinda overrated on next gen, but HOF clamps is super OP. I run Iggy, Gervin and Kirilenko and that pretty much kills any kind of drive someone thinks they have.

has it been confirmed tho ?

With the way content been going, it’s not hard to imagine we get another top tier wing at Xmas

I can’t see 2k gives us a player better than opal wade for 5 lvls so I am guessing they will recycle free contents

I would love to see some kind of choice pack that lets you take Blake pierce Ewing if Blake

No, hasn’t been confirmed. If they were going to do it, it would already be there. If by some miracle they do do it, you know there’s a catch…there’s always a catch with 2k. No way they just let you get all 3 xp rewards in one season and you didn’t have to grind or spend money like everyone else.