It’s okay to cry guys

just seen this on twitter


I would still beat this team


Shall we call Yu?


Lol Carlo my man , I always need a daily dose of your absurdness :slight_smile: what would this forum be without you


Yeah outside of the players being close to 99 everything. Damn near every player in Myteam is close to 99 everything. They can still be beat.


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Any true 2k player know im better yu with ease and all he does 5 out Giannis :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Bstreet always has the best team every year. He does giveaways on stream too, posted a PD KD and PD Harden for 30k

So much better he spanks you everytime but hey, Carlos logic

What we all know indeed is that you cry for a loss, and that shows how immature you still are

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I am now . I was slipping into the abyss of boredom :slight_smile:

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In pwf 2kgamer want us keep it pwf instead mto. Yall would saw different game. Back to back time whip him in unlimited. He pro diffciulty made

Write correct sentences or do not write when you talk to me please


Carlo is exactly as good at 2k as he is at spelling.


Woah woah woah… take your time and write this clearly in English.


Even there I still don’t understand

You mean he wins because of the pro difficulty in friendly games? But whatever, if you’re better, you’re better

Lmfo this dude is such a little POS. He got outsnipped by me more times then i can count, and when that happens he tells that “i stole his snipe”. And when he sometimes outsnipes me he comes to rain on my parade with how his best snipper, look at him how cool he is, i mean, its not cool to miss snipes and i did not rub him even once, but his always gotta act like little jack ass that he is. I honestly havent seen more delusional person then him :joy:

Is the guy with the Opal team on Xbox? I think I’ve played him before?

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What you are trying to say is “Play with friends was made for someone like Yu”

Back to back in unlimited… beat him 15 and up 30+… I own him. He too shook me play me in unlimited again