It’s getting about that time

Need help with this lineup

-So I’ve recently been thinking about B. Roy, I feel like he’s just there to shoot the ball, and a lot of cards can do that now so I’m not sure what to do with him. He was my starting SG until Kobe appeared so know he’s my back up PG but I won’t replace klay

-I also need a new center so let me know who works for you guys

-Also Dr.J kind of iffy for me he’s great but I feel like he would run better at PG so I would need a new starting SF, I like giannis as backup SF because I don’t want too much fire power starting.

Just let me know your thoughts and maybe tag some people who could help out.
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Sell Kobe and Broy. DrJ SG Giannis SF


Get yourself Tatum and try him out. 6.8 with HoF limitless.

Up to you who you sell but grab PD KD, Kuzma, PD PG13 (or dark blue jersey diamond)

I had Kuzma and I honestly don’t feel the same as some of you on him, I ran him at the 3 I felt like his animations and his jumper was kind of slow

Diamond Tatum is great 97 Kuzma is great too I’d highly recommend either of them

Get kuzma and tmac … roy such overated trash isnt good. Would say remove klay just catch shoot slow at this point. Get a hedo and ak47 and badge them

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If you’re at all close to AK go for him

Klay is a lights out shooter for me, how do you play tmac?

Tmac at pg he such beast and cash. If good klay just replace Roy with tmac

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Put Marc Gasol or Big Z at bench C and replace either Klay or Roy with Kuz. If you want to keep Roy run bench

Roy, Kuz, Giannis, Zingis , Z or Marc

If you keep Klay run

Giannis, Klay, Kuz, Zingis, Z or Marc

Your starters are fine

You could also drop Dr J to the bench pick up Kuz start at Sf

Bench will be

Dr J, Roy or Klay, Giannis,Porzingis, Big z or Marc

Magic / Kobe / Kuzma / Pau Gasol / Shaq
Lonzo / Cooper / Fox / Lebron / Kaj

really like these ideas, you tried Tatum



Not Baddddd

Might have to give kuzma another try because you guys really think he’s the truth

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What SHOULD have been an all time laker squad

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He is, throw on CP3s on him

Boost to his Speed with ball, Lateral quickenss, ball control, and contested 3.