It’s Been One Full Year…

One year ago today, I joined this site having absolutely no idea what to expect. This was my first discussion “forum” I was ever a part of, and at a really low time in my life when depression and everything started to sink in due to the pandemic.

I’ve become a lot better, mentally and physically since then. And part of me has this site to thank for it. I’ve met some really cool people on here who have helped make my 2K experience and IRL experiences better.

I wanna take the time to specifically thank a few people that have been amazing to me over these wonderful past 365 days.

The first of which has gotta be @ACMRmuki . Man has it been a pleasure getting to know you. From the games of 2K we play to the basketball and Bamba discussions, it’s always a good time my friend.

I also wanna thank a couple of people who helped create the greatest thread in this forum’s history: @Lebron4life and @almightyflash . Man that Danny Ferry grind was brutal (and I didn’t get him :rofl:) but you guys were the support system carrying me the whole way through. Can’t thank y’all enough for that.

I will never forget that notification in late-April when I became the first member of the month. It made me feel appreciated for once in my life, and so thank you to all the mods here for that moment.

Some other awesome dudes on here who have been a blast to talk to: @Kiwi2k @BallerD @Mystic @Dave_B @EuroStep @RatPug and so many more…

Thank you all so much for making this site and my days so great. Love y’all.

-Matt Poz


Happy first 2KG birthday man… thanks for contributing every day and made it a better place for other aswell. Enjoy your day!


Just realised you dont have the devotee badge!!! How?! Slacking bro :joy:

Surely @2KGamer could hook him up with one as a token gesture


Hope you had the chance to see some more forums…
Because only then you know how great this site and this community is


Been great to have you here mate :slight_smile: thanks for all you contribute to the site and community!

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The only downside, it keeps u attached to one of the most greedy, flawed online games ever. I don’t see myself playing a 2K sports game for this long without the existence of this forum.


For sure the most factual sentence I’ve seen in a while haha, happy one year anniversary my guy


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I would’ve quit a long time ago I think. And with everything going on in my personal life I’m leaving the game next year. So I’m gonna enjoy these last few weeks of what has been my favorite MyTEAM of all time.

Thanks to all of you who have wished the happy year by the way :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been a pleasure Mr. Poz. Seeing you in every damn thread has been a common occurrence for like 6 months now.

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You can only tag 10 people at once. Makes sense so as not to spam.

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This right here. it’s my catch 22. Love the forum. But the love for this forum hooks me back into this terribly flawed game lol.


Ty guys this has been a great year!