It’s been fun... sort of

Lol, this drop has lost me for good this time. I simply cannot believe that a lot of people that I respect on here are liking this. This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

One of the best small forwards of all time finally gets an Opal card… and he can’t even fucking play small forward. But meanwhile, everyone can play point guard, including a seven foot nobody that you can lock in for well over a million MT. Exactly what the fascination with this is, I’ll never know or understand.

You literally couldn’t make this shit up, but somehow these idiots found a way. Good riddance, 2K. You had a decent run.


Pos lock had so much promise.


Not even the height, just the over abundance of point guards is extremely annoying.

Only lockin set that’s worth it to me is Prime 2 KG,KD,Ben,the Big O and say what you want that D-Wade get buckets but yes this drop is just dumb

I feel you, man, but this will probably be my last year of MyTeam for awhile, so fuck it…I’m going to enjoy it for what it is. I didn’t even plan on playing 2K20, but they sent me that free code in November and here I am. It’s only going to get crazier from here because players that are looking for realism are in the minority.


Yea they went crazy at the all star break and never stoped

I still hate the fan fav’s drop more than this.

At this point, I’m just being honest with myself knowing that everybody is a damn robot & uses their point guards just to peek-a-boo 5 out any way, so it doesn’t change my opinion one bit.

I gave up on this game a few weeks ago when I realized that you just can’t guard the damn 5 out for anything, just have to get lucky on bait steals or full white misses. I hate relying on luck or hope, what a crappy way to play anything.


Well, the game starts with an 85 or whatever rated Lebron, so realism is out from the start.

On the bright side, there’s probably no more 99 Lonzos coming…

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Nope…just a new “Mutant” promo version that’s 6’11" is. :rofl:


I’m with you, man. I bought an XB1 X this year, and the only one they had left in stock just happened to come with this game. I was done after last year, but gave it one more free chance.

Holy fuck, what a mistake. There’s no hope.

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After I typed my last post, I said to myself, “they wouldn’t put out a whole Lonzo set, would they?”

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2k21 needs to have a ball brothers promo


Couldn’t agree more, bro.

Exactly how I feel.
Plus they crossed a line with these fantasy stats, Rodman with a 3 ball, Wallace with no post game, Shaq with a 3 ball. It’s just ridiculous

It’s called sKiLl gAp

Totally agree.

You need to tweet @twobrosgaming, otherwise nothing will change. I feel like the majority in here doesn’t like the release schedule

I remember before the game out they wrote in their dev blog that they would be introducing position locks so we won’t have to see AK47 at point guard anymore. Well Kirilenko isn’t a PG, but Jokic, Thon and Hedo are ok I guess…


I miss these pack openings


Exactly, it’s borderline false advertising

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