It’s been fun 2KG

Well guys, I’ve had a good run here, but it’s time to retire. After some personal issues and loss, it’s time I move on from 2KG and focus on myself and my health before everything else. I appreciate everybody here, and I’ll be back one day 2KG fam. Remember, don’t spend all your money on MT/VC, and it’s just a game. Put real world things before it.

The Godfather 3️⃣


Wish you the best in your endeavors bro. Take care

I hope all is well and you get things figured out

Wish you best of luck with your issues brother. You can get through it I believe you can

Dont wanna get into your business but if its about spending money on 2k, just realize all these rewards wont mean shit in Feb. Good luck brother

Are you quitting 2k or just 2kgamer?

Good luck and take care bro

You’ve been more than helpful to everyone here. Wish you the best man!

Take good care of yourself, I wish you the very best for the future and I hope to see you back one day maybe

Goodbye Don Vito

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Best of luck to you Father.

Goodluck bro.

One man departs… another returns from the ashes.


Control yourself this year bro and I’ll do the same.

Good luck to you, man. Wishing you the best.

Wish you well , good luck bro!

Best wishes to you. Be well.