It’s been 6 weeks and counting and OKC still doesn’t have a head coach

When Donovan was fired:

There have been little to no news on our situation and the draft is coming up soon

Still don’t know why they fired him.


Donovan wanted to leave because he didn’t want to be a part of our rebuilding process

They wont hire a head coach, the next level tanking


At least you didn’t get stan van gundy

“I don’t really see us having a head coach,” Adams said on Paul’s new podcast, “The CP3s.” “Paul could be a head coach, I could be a head coach [some days].”

Paul followed up by agreeing with Adams, calling it a “collaborative effort” and naming assistant and former head coach Maurice Cheeks as someone who could fill the role any given day.


Update: We still don’t have a coach

What’s worse is that I think Atkinson and Craig are becoming assistants for the Clippers

@CB241 who is Dan Craig? Isn’t he Spo’s top assistant?

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indeed he is.

i read he left as he was offered more money and believed it enhances his chance at becoming a head coach in the future

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Hm, interesting.

Surprised OKC didn’t give him a call

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do they have any coaching candidates on their radar?

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That’s the thing, I’ve heard NOTHING from our side recently.

All I’ve heard is Becky Hammons or Will Hardy, also some other guy that used to work for us. But this was weeks ago I think.

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that’s rough. hopefully the coach situation gets sorted out before the draft/free agency period.

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Yep, but Presti usually is this quiet when he’s on the verge of getting things done.

That and also he’s probably working out some trades

When we hear news about what happened, it’s usually a surprise because we have no clue on the situation beforehand

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supposedly i read that free agents have already agreed to deals with teams, not sure where i read this tho lol

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I saw it on Rnba

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probably lol

i forgot where but i wouldn’t doubt that it’s true

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Well shit that means Miami is getting Gallo for fre-…

I mean we’re getting KZ + Unprotected 2023 1st out of a Sign-In Trade

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at this point i’ll unprotect the first and give you olynyk who’s an expiring contract lol

other heat news: “miami will hang up the phone if called about an adebayo trade“ and “miami is only willing to deal herro if they get a player of giannis/beals caliber, any oladipo deal will not involve herro”

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Wait is this legit?

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i believe so, i can pull up the sources but i don’t feel like it lol

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