It’s a cancer

Dear 2k, your game has a cancer.

A fucking cancer.

People call it “zig zag”, but actually it’s a #%£*$ cancer.

And it makes me mad, and aggressive and it’s so annoying even when you have already made the 12-0 series.


No one will really disagree with you, but I have to say this: it’s a game and no one is forcing you to play… there’s thousands of other games to play. There’s even different modes within 2K19 that won’t frustrate you so much. I got burnt out last year and spent wayyyyyyy too much and needed to take a break. I’m back this year and enjoying it again without taking it too far.

It’s not that you shouldn’t make threads like this because we’ve all been there, but honestly for your own sanity’s sake maybe you should take a break from MyTeam and come back later.


I ben playin 3 year try it impossible so getin force

Fors b what u bro



Nah dude, the cancer is the community :joy:


I’ll take that over someone 5 outing call for a pick until brickwall finally works in their favor, or zig zagging behind the screen.

YouTubers have ruined MyTeam in my opinion.


Why do you even post :rofl::rofl::skull:

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He’s been playing for 3 years. You try it…it’s impossible!! But, we’re gonna force you!!!

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I maybe overreacted in the post :sweat_smile: I really enjoy the game and everything around, especially this community! But the zig zagging… it makes me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How do you defend it on ball? I simply can’t… it’s impossible

use lockdown defenders

You have to switch between on ball and offball like every second, you switch for on ball to correct your player positioning and switch out.


Will definitely try it out sensei :pray:t2:

It’s really not 2k’s fault as Ryan said it’s the community they bitched and cryed about the sliders the game speed etc so 2k had to change t. Just think of it this way 80% of the community are casuals that rely on zig zag and other cheese so when they were unable to do that the bitch and ultimately would have stop playing the game. Now put your self in the shoes of a business. Would you rather please 80% of your consumers or would you rather please 20%. Think about that then come back here.


They even made it easier for casuals to unlock the AH. :poop:


There is nothing to think about. Of course they need to please the majority of their consumers. You’re absolutely right about everything.

But since we can’t change this, at least we can bitch a bit around on here… just to come down :grin:

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True, I just wish they would make a seperate myteam online for “Hardcore gamers” with better sliders and hof settings would be great comp


I’ll just say, MyTeam Unlimited is WAY better than SuperMax. At least now you just have to win 12-0 at some point through the whole month, instead of sweating for SuperMax points in short rounds and then freaking the fuck out if you needed like 500 pts in 3 days before the season ends, otherwise your hundreds of hours of grinding all season long are basically for nothing. LOL It’s NOTHING like that this year. You can basically get the month reward on the first of the month and just chill and play for fun the whole month.