IT returns tonight

Now whether he can actually help us or not, I’m just happy for the guy. Always admired his heart and it’s nice to see his journey through his year long rehab payoff. Hoping nothing but the best for him. And if he can reclaim even 80% of what he was in Boston before the injury he just made the Nuggets that much stronger

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I hope Monte doesnt lose minutes.

As a Celtics fan I am so excited to see his return. I loved him when he was here in Boston and was sad to see him go. His heart and determination just turns average teams into championship contenders. Hoping nothing but the best for him

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he’s dropping 30 tonight

His timing on his return is great with Gary still out. Should be plenty of minutes to go around for him to try and get back in game flow without cutting into Montes minutes

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It’ll be nice to see him back on the court


He had a few nice games with the Lakers last year even though he was still hurt and there wasn’t alot of PT for him so I’m hopeful he can still make an impact in this league. I’ll be rooting for him.

Playing with Jokic should open a space to drive or create a space after p’n’r for him, but he doesn’t played more than a year so it can take some time.

But he’s a guy that proved a lot of dubsters wrong during most of his career (60th pick), so maybe he will do it again.

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I feel like in the right situation he can be a GREAT 6th man/backup pg. In spurts he can tear you up. Buckets in bunches when hes rolling. If hes healthy i think he is a big addition for the playoff run

would love to see him play well again but wouldnt surprise me if he is closer to a non factor this year

Im rooting for IT, love to see him ball, but I cant help but think he’s just going to be a shell of himself

@YOSEMITE_HAM – should I bench Malik in favor of other players?

Just have to be patient with him. Last time with Cleveland he rushed back before he was 100% and it showed with his play for the rest of that season without ever letting his injury fully heal. Nuggets have done the right thing by giving him all the time he needed until he was 100% physically and mentally ready. I definitely expect some early struggles but I can’t bring myself to doubt IT’s ability to contribute to a playoff team. He’s already proven so many people wrong in his career. I mean this is Mr 4th quarter we’re talking about.

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Negative. Malik will continue starting until Gary is 100% back. Has Malik done you wrong yet? Lol

He doesn’t offer much in tertiary stats.

I’m torn between he and McCollum. CJ has played poorly the last two outings, but I expect him to show up against GS.

Yeah all you’re gonna get from Malik is 20+ points on super efficiency from both the fg%, 3p%, and 3pt made battles. He won’t help you win the rebounds, assists, steals battles.

Ellis still plays?

Please let that be a joke or be trolling. Please

Fr I was just thinking about him yesterday