Issues with Bluestacks

Anyone else having issues with typing on bluetacks using a keyboard on mac?

A couple of other users have mentioned the same issue.

Its not the keyboard on mac its the app. Ur gonna have to use console or app on phone

Blue stacks hasn’t worked for me in about a month or so smh is their any alternatives?

I havent used bluestack for a long time. I used to use clashfarmer way back in the day. But i wanna say there other ways to clone ur phone onto ur comp. Id have to do some research.

Have the Twitter page for 2K18 MyTeam open, go to “Tweets and Replies”, and continually press F5 in the preceding two minutes to when the code normally drops. Do this on a separate device than your phone, and have the App open with the Locker Code input-screen up. I haven’t missed a code doing it this way.

Just saying, tweetdeck works better