Issel at C?

Has someone tried to use PD Issel at center?

I’m looking forward to get PD Griffin and since i have Kirilenko too, there would be no place for Issel at PF position. So i was thinking about to play him at C cause i really like his pick and pop play but i fear that he’s a bit undersized…

anyone of you guys tried him out at center? Thoughts?



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Savage :no_mouth:

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Forget this idea, had to be :innocent: You can do it against fullcourt press for sometime though.

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I saw that the one who won the qualifiers on xbox used him at c

Issel is my man, but he is not a good defender


I’d rather move AK47 to SF, and bench one of your wings.

I had to bench rashard for Issel. Down to my last 4 diamonds in my lineup with AK47/Melo/Peja/Camby.

I would start Ak47 over any wing in the game right now. Including PD Pierce and Hill. I think he is best at the 3 over the 4 anyway.

Yup he starts center for me on my run to 12-0 twice,

How is he? Do you have problems on the defensive side because of his height?

I ran/run Lucas at C a lot and his 6’9 as well, i mean Ben Wallace is 6’9 and many people run him at C. Considering if you got D’Antoni+speed shot like PG shoe Issel then got 86 speed which could be a problem for most of the C’s to defend him on pick and fades and whatnot, his post fade is also absolute money, thought i removed him from my lineup due too many pick and roll spammers and his low LQ, rather then height.

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Run AK47 at SF. He is still easily faster and bigger than any other normal SF in this game.

nope he holds his own

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AK is perfect at PF unless you’ve a better card there. He easily avgs 10pts, 5rebs, 4assists as PF without you forcing but when you move him to SF he scores more, sacrifising other stats.
If you gonna use him as a primary or secondary scorer SF is a good option but considering his ratings i think PF and that speed adv there is huge.

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I run Issel at center. I run alley 5 give a lot, this will feel him up for a open 3 or easy dunk.

So did you end up trying him at center, how’d you like him? He’s not taking KDs spot at the 4 for me thinking of trying him at 5 gonna be a real small front court tho