Iso community mixtape ( this is crazy )steezo

Steezo with a editor create this mixtape with the best iso players in the community , in terms of creativity and dribbling !
This guys put so much practice , and are so creative with the game …
It’s a shame this game don’t rewards this guys like it should !
This mixtape is mind blowing
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Dance Dance Revolution


They dribble all the shotclock with different combos , I don’t even know how they can. :rofl:

Editor had to spice it up so much because of how ugly of play style this is.

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Steezo has been the best dribbler in the game since 2K16 he’s the definition of iso god

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I got so much respect for the Eye So community bro shit is the biggest skill gap in the game I couldn’t even dream of being on the level they are on

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I guess

Ehhh I like seeing people who are more efficient with their dribbles rather than those who just spams dribble moves and are literally just dribbling in circles until some dumb sht happens.


Would you say that dribbling is better in 19 or 20 ?

19 , at least visually , way more fast

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I can’t agree , I understand your point , but this game is full of unskileed and non looking basketball movements and strategy ,
At least this guys practice hours and hours , and if you know this kind of combo are so complex with a lot of variety of dribbling etc
This just don’t work in a comp scenario .
My team meta looks way worse than this , even my girlfriend finds this entertaining to watch

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stopped watching when the anime tiddies came on the court lmfao

This part

These dudes are literally chaining their dribbles together bro, they ain’t just mashing buttons

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This is beautiful , how they can make this game look like this

Beautiful music, beautiful edit. Dude personalized everyones part. This is huge for them so I respect it from the outside looking in

It’s like someone making a 2KG mixtape. They a community inside a community just like us.

I think people have difficult to understand the beauty of that , it’s like listen o erudit music instead of regular one …
If you don’t have your ear develop don’t sound that good ,
Because you can’t understand how complex and difficult that is .
This dribbling take so much time and practice , specially when they nerfed every year . They always find “glitch “ moves after so many practice

Dribbling last year :sob::sob:

Over editing much?

Yea I peeped it lol dudes to nice