Isiah Thomas unusable?

Seems like a lot of people have him but don’t even touch him. Is he that unusable because of his height?

he is great but gets abused in height disadvantage … mainly by base 11 shooters at pg like ak/granger/hedo

I’m running budget the rest of the way and I’ll be getting him on April 1st, could really use a dope PG but not if he’s just gonna be completely abused by Magic, LeBron, Giannis, etc

Yup… he will get shot over so his defense dont matter

Just yesterday stumbled upon one of such cheesers with AK and Hedo at PG pick and fading the whole game. Taught his ass not to be ass with my Oscar :slight_smile:
The morale is, why use Isaiah or CP3 if you have Oscar?

If you sold your whole squad and are going #NoMoneySpent the rest of the way, you’re not running Oscar or CP3

Fortunately I didn’t lock either of those sets and was able to sell their cards for a few hundred dollars