Isiah Thomas says beef with Jordan still alive

These guys in are their 60s or about to be so they need to let it go. Jordan maintains that Isiah orchestrated a freeze out of him during an All Star game and Thomas said that wasn’t true.

Jordan also accused Thomas of being the leader and encouraging the "Bad Boys’ rough play and he did not do that because Chuck Daly was the coach so ultimately his decision won out and he had to be all in with their style of play because across the board the Pistons were not as talented as the Lakers and Celtics in the East so they used a style that they felt benefited them.

Isiah was omitted from the 1992 Dream Team and some say Jordan was behind the snub but Jordan says it came from the NBA’s top tier because of the Pistons walk off when the Bulls dethroned them.

The irony being, the Celtics walked off the court when Detroit dethroned them with Kevin Mchale the only Celtic who stuck around to offer congrats which is why I think him and Isiah are friendly to this day.

Bottom line, Isiah deserved to be on the Dream Team based on his accomplishments and Clyde Drexler over the years has said this many times.

I miss the era when players actually disliked each other in real life but maybe I’m an old head :man_shrugging: