Isaac Bonga what build would i make him

Isaac Bonga what build would i make him
height doesn’t have to be the same as he’s a PG
but what would you make him


6’9" 2 way bench bum


haters gonna hate what can i say

I’m not hating but Bonga is just a meme

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What are you looking to do . Be Isaac Bonga okay a slasher with no shot. Right? I joke

Explain what you would like to do and I’ll see if I can cook up something for you

Can you get HoF towel waver with that build? Or is just dance on the sidelines that is HoF?

I’m not sure but I know he has HOF Ass Patter and Gatorade Passer


Lmao U so wrong for this :sob:

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Hof Dap up teammates

just a tall fun PG really

All jokes aside, if you wanted to make him in the park make the Prospect build exactly like Bonga lol

A point forward build I guess


Just make a 20 year old who looks 49.

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