Is Yao for 200k on Xbox a good price?

Just want to try him out for a bit and there’s one ending in 10 minutes, not sure if I should go for it or not. Really don’t want to lose a bunch of MT lol

About to end, should I bid or nah?

Looks like it has a diamond contract and 5 extra gold badges

for what its worth
2klab listed him for Xbox 188550

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Nope, he was 150K when he could be pulled from TTO not long ago

The other day he was like 120 everyone was sleeping on this lol

Yeah Yao is a glitch, told you boys

Personally I think hes worth it. He’s the most dominating center in the game right nowm i would think he would rise in price if we get duos soon. Its almost guaranteed he gets a boost to his three pointer and people love the long ball.

Praying for a tmac yao duo to justify me being dumb and locking in that set lol

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bro I can’t wait. Im thinking a boost to TMac’s defense and the obvious Yao 3 point boost Id take speed for Yao as well.

Just hoping for speed with yao, three pointer would be nice but he only hits like 20% from three for me on open shots with limitless added, I also didn’t invest in a three point shoe for him because I’m not dropping 60-80k on a shoe when yao will be benched for wilt

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Yeah I just slap a gold 3 point shoe on him. Theyre the only gold shoes I keep. Speed would be huge. Even if he only gets to a 70 speed with his height he’ll feel super fast.

He’s down to 130 now lol

Bought him for 113k the night he was on TTO

Added Lillards to him and he sold for 195k 2 days later.

On ps4 tho, I can see him around 170kish