Is unlimited that bad?

My Ruby Michael Ray Richardson couldnt stop Sapphire derrick rose. Blow by every.single.time for a dunk or a foul. Is there any way to stop the blow by cheese or are we back to 2k18? This is literally unplayable

Just off ball around the paint with your center or PF.

Is that literally the only way to play the game now? Man it seems like myteam takes one step forward and two steps back every fucking year

Could also try 2-3 zone.

Tbh, I have no problems keeping rose and Westbrook out of the paint with emerald Ron Harper. At least not in half court.

Transition is a problem.

Change on ball to smother, and your transition defense settings to “Wall”. The defender should bump his man as much as possible (works great with MRR)


When I know all my opponent is going to do is smash turbo all game I just pick them up at the free throw line, especially a rose or westbrook card.

Get Shawn Bradley, he will change ur whole defence. thank me later when u get Bird

The game is ok but the fact people can quit out and you don’t get the win is rediculous. Just had it happen twice in a row to me after I worked hard to build first half leads in both of them.

I get a loss sometimes when people quit .Lol

It sucks. There’s no skill gap, losing my 11th and 12th game due to Shawn Bradley and that tall dude from the wizards.

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That was the problem. The dude was trash but he plowed to the rim for a bucket/foul every time on a lockdown defender lmao.