Is TTO the fastest way to grind tokens?

Looking for advice from anyone that’s been grinding tokens, I’m 600 tokens away from getting the 2nd GO reward but I have all lockable collections finished already. Would TTO be the most effective way to get the rest? MTU seems like it would take too long at 12 games/15 tokens

Yes plus domination


Offline. @TheSnowMan and I grinded 400 tokens in 6 days in TT offline.

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How many hours per day?

We each did 2 hours then switched off lol. I think one day we both did 8 runs each. So assuming you get a full run in like 30-40 minutes, maybe 8? It was brutal I’m not gonna lie. I never want to even touch TT again.

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That sounds painful. I’m having a hard enough time bringing myself to start all time dom. I’m sitting at 350 tokens

Dom is fun compared to TT. That’s somewhat challenging, so it keeps you in it and you have to hit a certain MT count so you have to be focused to make sure you get it. TT is fucking awful.

I literally loath triple threat. Like u know that feeling when u have to be somewhere but u would rather be home ripping 2k ? Lol. Thats how i feel playing triple threat lol

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Dom sucked and was boring for me cuz I knew the easiest way was to spam a certain play over and over. It was too hard to try to get the MT goal playing straight up.

complete domination
triple threat online
12-0 unlimited
locker codes

i had to grind around 80 tokens for worthy & did it in less than 8 hours of gameplay triple threat online

you have to just stay consistent with it and hit those 10x tokens — adds up quick

i could never grind tt offline myself; i enjoy playing tt online & you get other goods + better at the game

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Started grinding ttoffline last month. I already redeemed 4pds and I’m sitting on 634 tokens, no hc locked in or historics. My goal was 30 a day but I can knock out 40+

Keys are simply to make sure your Bluetooth speakers are charged and ready to go, lots of weed (or whatever you’re into) and a sniper from 3 that can end you a game in 3 minutes. My lineup has to have Tatum, pd Klay, or pd Kd. Those 3 played with Giannis and Kuz play point so you can just shoot uncontested limitless 3’s and when takeover hits it’s a wrap.


Grind V and rip those packs, lock everything you can

Triple threat or TTO?

I mean they both the same thing. Playing online is worse lol. Im a mtu kinda guy

For TTO offline, I used to use 3 bigs that can shoot 3s. As soon as you post up the smallest guy, they immediately send help and give you an open 3

I used Dom so far and getting lucky with the codes for tokens I’m saved the weekly challenges for when I hit the diamond board which I’m 15 away

I already have 200 tokens towards what ever new G- Opal that comes out for token rewards. I have Wilt and worthy and I just play TTO maybe around 10-20 hours a week. I buy ever historic set with and lock in for tokens as well. I just got JR Smith but hes been hard to hit an open 3 with for some reason.

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Wait, how does ttoffline works? I tried to play it maybe 3 or 4 times only (not consecutive games) but the board only shows the team of your next matchup and sometimes few slots for mt. Am i missing anything?

you get 5 tokens after 5 games. you do each division. After that its just a random board that you play infinite times for 3 tokens

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So how many you get only for complete domination?

I am trying to make best combination for time consuming/earned tokens.

Weekly challenges gives 6 tokens for non full 5 games, schedules is not profitable in tokens view, TTO is mabe better then TT, but TT is a way faster I think, idk maybe I am wrong.

And at the end I think Domination is the best way.

One more question for all of you guys, do you think at the end of the cycle there will be all previously packs available on token market, and if they do that will you regret spending tokens on all those cards, I mean there are many better PD cards on AH then those 5 PD’s from token market (just my opinion).