Is too many fouls in MTU a glitch or I just mess it up

Fxck this game ,I was leading and at the moment I fouled him and it said I had too many panelties :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I never get fouled out. You should probably just stop reaching as much

Yeah I think it’s like too many reaching & personal fouls in a quarter.

Just match up with that guy again , gonna beat his ass to hell

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Yeah you can foul out of the game. I’ve done that before. Just gotta know when to push the steal and when to pump the breaks a bit

My opponent has more fouls than me

It’s not quarter based I’ve fouled out of a game after my first in the 3rd.

Oh wow ok. I know I see a lot of people reach and instantly switch players so it counts as an npc reach too, which I don’t believe is part of the equation.

How? attempts X steal is broken as hell too stiff i can’t foul anyone after attempt one X feel no stamina NBA 2k18 are so different attempts X was smooth

6 is the max fouls you can do. then youre out

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6 in a quarter or 6 in whole game?

sorry 6 in TTO. mtu not sure if by quarter or not and onball foul or cpu foul counts?

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