Is throwback Super Pack forever or 1 day?

Is it???

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Was wondering the same thing. With no timer they can just pull it whenevs they like. Maybe they’ll wait til people slow down on the ripping?

I don’t know but seems the best moment to complete Throwback collection.

They prolly have avg prices of the related cards. Remove the packs when your old cards loose value as much as they want. Overall mt should melt.

If I’m completing the collection from 0-100, should I solely buy off auction? Or should I at least try to pull some from the packs?

You can buy both of those dudes (Granger & Sabonis) for 20-25 packs price (tops) in 2-3 days.
Open with caution :smiley: if you gonna use mt.
I only opened 10, better stop there and don’t forget cards have cycles. Don’t get caught up in a bad cycle, check what people pull from subtitles.