Is this worth it


Would it be worth locking in this set? This would be my team if did plus I would have about 700k mt t spend after

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With the 1.3 you could get for Lebron…you could just about fill out your entire roster with Opals


no not worth it for ur lineup and ur MT count


If you’re thinking about locking buy everything except Bron wait 2 weeks and see how you feel then.

I have a hunch you won’t be saying “damn I wish I locked that set”.


I think I’m just gonna buy Lebron for now, he’s really the only one I want in the set. Even if his price tanks a few hundred, I won’t feel so bad but locking in 1.6M gonna make me regret it

Before you lock a set, make sure you have double the amount to cover the loss or it’s really not worth it.


You can have this squad for the price of LeBron
GO Hedo
GO T-Mac
GO Bol Bol
GO Porzingis

idk you , but i think this choice isn’t that hard…


…insert Hell To the Naw meme…

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Depends if u like these players.
If u do this and grind spots. You also have harden, kobe and hakeem. Not too bad. But end of the day u gotta ask why u play this game

  • To cheese and Win
  • play with your favourite players
  • ego to have best team

Na fam to much my lbj. Gonna go down they will release a sf LBJ just sell him while he is high and hold off

Look a budget squad with two god their cards in Bron and Thon. Plus a borderline god tier player in Draymond.

Yup, Brons my favorite player and he’s the only reason I saved mt, I’ve never even tried to go 12-0 cuz off the off ballers. I just play for fun


So I got Lebron, is thon worth it if I use him at SF?

I feel like this is a trap set to lock.

Just keep LeBron if you want to use him although his price is ludicrous at the moment.

I know Thon is a pretty good card, but locking in something like GO LeBron I feel like it should be even better.

It’s never worth it to lock in a set

Ask yourself this… do I really want a fucking Thon Maker card to be my starting small forward? And if the answer is yes, take two weeks off, and then quit.


So I decided to sell back Lebron right away after two games. His cards great but not worth 1.4 Million. Thon Makar lacks key badges like hof Intimidator and clamps as well


Brother, its a game…lock if you Love thon…
I would lock for My fav players no matter the price.

Have fun.

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