Is this troll?

That guy looks like a legit member. I think there must be something going on.

maybe lets stay tuned to find out xdxd

however todayt we will probably get new cards.

do you think this diamond will be better/worse than the reward pippen?

I already use Diamond Magic & Bird. It was a dynamic duo in my sick twisted mind. Please be true 2k. Do something right this year…


I think he meant the reward Pippen to have the duo with the ruby challenge MJ.

oh i didnt think that,crap and i wanted an amy od diamond pippen(cause i dont have the reward and hes too expenseve right now)

I just picked up Magic with a 3PT shoe… don’t have Bird, though. I do have 97 Pippen with a 3PT shoe. These things might backfire if the 3PT boosts would be any good on the duos… (assuming they are true)

i dont believe him unless he has an inside source

someone wants to sell his diamond magic or something

As someone who already uses Magic and Bird… please let this be true.


This would maybe make me buy diamond magic even though the boosts for higher tier cards are underwhelming most of the time and I am still so disappointed with Magics number of HOF badges.

I’m saying. I already have both of them, and if this duo came out I would be set. Magic would probably get a better 3pt shot and Bird would probably get more athletic.

Either way, if this is true it’s going to be fun!

Would be cool if they dropped an Amy Pippen for throwback playoffs and made it the duo. Just because there’s never a good auctionable Pippen card

LOL check that guy previous msgs. He doesn’t have any info about what coming.