Is this team good enough for 12-0

Yes i am at 10-0 with this team

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What’s your gameplan? I’d run that Maker the fuck out of court and you’d need to make major adjustments. With game no more being abused on shot contest everyone looking for easy meals, i have noticed people posting up MUCH MORE these days so that’s that.

12-0 with this team for me would be easy

I like that my team is defensive based I can see how makers could be a liability on post defense

I would get Drob over Maker, hes exceptional, fast release tho.

I would recomend Sabonis if he has MT. I still use him as starting C.


I’d sell Siakam and buy PD DeMar DeRozan. Use the extra my to buy a pink diamond center for your bench.

The real question is are you good enough.


That’s a solid team…only weakness is Thon Maker is weak and can get scorched in the post

But you can deal with that by fake helping and cooking with thon on an iso or pick and fades with him cuz he’s faster than a lot of bigs

Easily. That’s a solid team.

Hard to win without a guard. :wink:

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It really depends on skills but I would say that is a pretty solid team!

I’d sell hill and pippen you can get equal value with Gary Payton and kawhi, Payton can guard bigger players @pg better and won’t get kill in the post like hill will

Jokic & Porzingod backcourt disagree.

Oh it does actually work? Imma grab a ps plus now lol.

9-0 already

Pascal is an animal, same with mo Bamba
Giannis is Giannis lol
The only person I hate on this team is grant hill very inconsistent

The Michigan Data Centers is a great basketball MyTeam name.

Imo you are wasting your time with bench webber and Thon. Replace those 2 with bronze. Run an 8 man and you are Much less likely going up against a team that is heavily OP to yours. My advice to anyone who wants to go 12-0 is to not go 10 deep unless you have an amazing lineup.