Is this really Troydan?


99% positive it is him.


Damn I dropped that boy off. Made his ass quit.

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Yea the BBB team gives it away

Who is troydan?

Big YouTuber

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Honestly all the youtubers are trash, the only ones I respect are HTBGaming and KILLAZMOI


I used to think Caldy was solid but he started off balling. I know a few smaller youtubers that are good though.

The increase of: i beat this and this dude and this dude sucks because of this and this on forum is pretty alarming.

Like wow, nice lifetime achievement lmfo.


Yeah, just posted it because I thought it was cool I got matched up with such a big YouTuber.

TroyDan would be one of the last 2k YouTubers i watch, dude’s just funny to watch.

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Yeah, I stopped watching him when he started all that dumb shit with that Blaze guy. It got a little bit repetitive.

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Definitely fun to match up against and spank a youtuber. Even better if they post a video of it.

Probably tough to never be able to lose a game as a youtuber.

I don’t watch all his vids lol mostly his pack squads or the old wheel of 2k

I don’t watch anyone who streams games and the only YT personality I pay attention to for anything other than “tutorials,” is SurrealAndre.

So I don’t really care much about a YTer sighting, or someone here beating a YTer. It doesn’t mean much to me as I don’t even know which ones are considered to be actually really good, or not.

But it also doesn’t really bother me and it seems that enough people find it interesting.

And it’s certainly fair game, in terms of “outing” the YTer, given that they court publicity for their benefit, anyway.

Especially if done in a way without really caustic trash-talking.


I’ve beat caldy, he got me last game though

I played afro pig a lot in 2k17/18 he would pretty much just try to blow by the whole time or 5 out

I like troydan because he’s not serious about it. He knows he sucks and it’s just pure entertainment. Not like the 70% of other creators who claims they are “the best at myteam”.


That’s exactly why i watch Troydan