Is this real?

Is this real?

Yeah, quick plug :skull:

Is this like a real thing? Not in game?

It’s a real bottle

You can hold that shit in your hands

I have no clue, I don’t even have 2K20 just saw it on Twitter.

The product placement plugs are put of hand man lol

That’s a real endorsement. Your player endorsed actual Gatorade to the user lol


I was curious and looked it up, and what this is, IRL, is called a “customizable hydration system.”

What it IS, is a fucking water bottle that has a lid that flips open to have an aperture that is tailored in size to accommodate some kind of Gatorade pod thing that I guess you mix with water. And you can “customize” the water bottle with your graphics skins and cosmetic elements.

$24.99 (on sale!) for this is…LOFL.