Is this Legit? BEWARE 🚫

of course not…


For real? Thanks it was suspicious lol

Hell nah. Its only legit if they ask the last 4 of your SS#

Joking. Please dont give out your social…ever. Lol. Thats def not legit. Think how many ppl fall for that though.


Thanks man! Good thing I posted this

Seems like they’re just trying to straight up steal your account.

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Yeah man. :rofl:
I think they send this to random people.

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You could always check out the user’s profile as well.

On Xbox, about a year ago, I was receiving messages from accounts that were just created and they were trying to get me to join some cam site or something like that lol. It was funny to mess with them because they followed a specific script.

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Sound legit


Yeah it was suspicious I ended up leaving the message :rofl:

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But doesn’t feel like :innocent:

yes its legit send me your mom’s maiden name followed by your cc #, exp date & security #

i’ll fix this for you


Hahaha lol :rofl:

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Report their asses

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Scam scam scam scam tell them fark off

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Doubt Sony would have grammatical errors such as “we would like for you TWO to fill out these two fields…”
definite scam.


Thanks man.
These guys are desperate to steal accounts lol

Yeah I left the message Hahaha

y would they ask for your password lol only stupid people fall for this

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Probably the cousin of nigerian prince who gives out money :face_with_monocle: