Is this a W?

I hear a lot of good things about kawhi on this forum and with there being another season I decided to sell my 95 Tatum to get a 98 kawhi with a diamond contract and diamond passing shoe for 200k. This a good choice? Thanks in advance


are you on pc that was cheap?

It went on xb1 lol

Im trying to get him with playmaking shoe and contract for max 205k.
Not overpaying anymore players. I loved his amy and, still playing with him on bench

I feel ya I didn’t wanna spend to much but have been hearing good things about him

Try tomorrow when they drop new throwback cards

Not bad but last night I copped a Jordan 3 point shoe one for 153k, so you could had done better but good nonetheless

Wtf kawhi really going for this cheap on ps4?

Kawhi has been floating around 130k on Xbox one all week