Is this a snipe?

Got Dominique Wilkins for 12K?how much is he worth(PS4)?

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Yeah. big time, although his price fluctuates from 80k+ last time I checked.

Yes. Cheapest I saw this morning was 77, and someone bought it. Congrats!

That’s awesome, better then a pg24 snipe.

Oh wow,thanks i tought he was like around 20-30K LOL

Yeah good snipe man

Someone already bidded at 76K

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With these prices right now I hesitate buying anyone right away. Always go and check what are they going for and then the cheap one is gone. Found an amy Pippen for 4500 and didn’t buy right away just in case. Would have made me a 1000 MT just like that.

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??? lol like u aint really know this was a snipe, congrats tho bud

Really didnt,i was sniping cheap diamonds around 500-18K,sniping cards and making 1K+ profit,thought he was around 20-30K at best and 15K at worst,suprised to see him go for this high LOL

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