Is this a real leak?

Ok, so my friend @ballerboof2 sent me this image that he found on the Park menu. Thoughts on this?



Oooh, interesting

Have him take a video plzzz

So DM Kobe, DM Lamelo, and Opal Rudy gay that evo into DM ? Damn

Thought I seen this was fake already. Or I blazed way too much.

EDIT: I’m right I did see this earlier.

This looks very real.

What’s with the christmas theme at the top?

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Its also on my twitter @jordan53996511… never really use either twitter or 2k gamer but wanted to get it out there

Was another one with Jimmy butler and herro

You blazed too much buddy :joy:


Nah I saw that one. I saw one with Kobe, Lamelo and Rudy no bs lol

This tripping me out right now.

Not enough. It’s never too much


I dunno if it’s real but I’ll say this

These all cards that would make sense and that we need lol


THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID BRUH but when i saw it earlier it had to be a glitch… 2k is really that dumb… cuz they glitched posted the idols leak so the xmas theme showed up?? idk what was going on

I think this was already debunked as fake

it was over an hour ago i cant take a vid and im pissed now

This definitely real. Wow a bunch of the HUGE players all dropping at once and that’s wild

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What do you think of this @anon58151219 ?

If this is real, u just got a 6’9 PG god tier Lamelo thats gonna replace Luka.

DM Kobe who will be over 1.5 mil mt and juiced out so prob best sg also, and the best SF Rudy Gay…all in one day… thats content right there!