Is this a good lineup

I was thinking about picking up this lineup either today or whenever there is a market crash. Is there any better options that I go for. I like this lineup because I can play normally or if someone cheeses me I can cheese them back.

A great LU, but I would think about maybe switching Kawhi and Lebron, then switching Lebron to PF and Barry to SF. Bron is stronger and bigger in game, although Rick has better rebounding stats.

Also, how good is that Wilt? I’ve been looking to try him, especially with the duo, but I’m not too keen on dropping 100k.


Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t have any of these cards yet other than the drob, so I don’t know how any of them play. I just have a bunch of mt, my most expensive player right now is whiteside.

yeah get Rick Barry outta there

Try to get rick with a ball control shoe either the orange or blue Jordan. If not, just throw a gold bc shoe on him. He’s a lights out shooter