Is this a good deal?

Last night, just on a whim, I won an auction for Diamond MJ. I’m not a MT millionaire like a lot of people on this forum so this was a big buy for me (I’m a native Chicagoan and die hard Bulls fan).

Getting to the point, I got him for 180K with a diamond playmaking shoe. Was that a good deal or just average? I saw one without a diamond shoe going for 180K today with like 30 minutes left, so I wondered if I had gotten a pretty good deal.

Pretty good. Saw some for low-mid 200’s. Saved a decent amount.

Thing is the promo is over, so last night was prob the best time to buy. Now you can play with him a few weeks and if you want to sell him then he’ll prob be worth more as he won’t be as common

I also put a diamond contract on him as soon as I won the bid, so that’ll raise his price as well. I’ll try to keep him, seeing as he’s an end game card, but we all get bored eventually and want to change things up. Lol

good deal. I paid same for a plain MJ and slapped a di contract on him

Same thing I did but theres nobody I can think id rather have for that price.