Is this a good buy/snipe? What are his strengths/weaknesses

Just picked up a fully badged out Manu W/ gold everything (Clamps, HZH, … ) for 61k he has a random shoe as well. I can’t seem to get a general consensus regarding his on court value. I am positive a fully badged out version is far different then a base for the purpose of this analysis please reference the badged out and not the base version. I have Tmac, Klay with 4/ useful HOF badges who start as my SG’s how does he compare with them. He is the only out of the 3 who has gold Clamps…

Weird release, no range extender, low ish dunk rating. Fairly good defensively with clamps, good dribbles, nice layup package.

All in all if he had range he’d be great, otherwise if you’re creative player with your dribbles and layups his nice if not? Not so much.

He is not even close to those 2 unless you really want a ball handling 2 in which case he is better than klay. The main things I noticed is that on next gen he was amazing going to the basket. His last day on the squad is tonight as tommorow jaylan comes home

Yea man, you should consider selling him this weekend when the market recovers bit - I feel like he usually hovers around 90k he’s 60-70k with the crash and there are quite a few (Xbox)

I’m gonna hood him till the st completes