Is this 2K19 MyTeam video spot on?

So I just stumbled across a site where you can edit this Key and Peele meme. So I had to try one for NBA 2K19 Myteam.


Will have to reupload it was blocked within a minute on youtube lol.

This is hilarious :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob::joy::joy::rofl:

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The Ak, granger and hedo part had me dead


Lmaoo that shit was great

ehh my reaction to ak granger hedo would be the opposite

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Then start using one of them :rofl::rofl:
New Hedo is a monster

I think this video was on Reddit and posted here a couple of weeks back … too funny though

I haven’t seen that one, but I assumed someone had to do one that was 2k related since it is an old meme. I made this tonight after I saw one done for a TV show I watch.

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Veronica at the end :joy:

The Opal Worthy part…I felt that

Veronica was the best part :joy::joy:

Brilliant :joy: Loved Ronnie & Challanges parts.

Lmao nice. Only disagree with Kobe jumper