Is there something weird going on with TTO?

Happened to me yesterday and now today, 3 straight games where I face up against teams with emerald token reward players who refuse to score and run out the clock and pass out of open layups, as soon I win 20-0 or 21-0 they quit before the screen that shows the MT won and difficulty multiplayer comes and then I get awarded with a loss. Are these bots or is there a glitch ???

Gotta be bots if its 3 games in a row and they can go quit manually

Mt bots. in a world where mt sellers rule…


Man I wish there were bots on xbox

The thing is I’m getting an L when they quit which is weird.

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I quit before as soon as the buzzer goes off when I win and dont get the loss. Wierd

So many bots on PS4.

If you see someone with the name format like this adjective_noun# - you’re playing a bot.