Is there many old "cheesers"?

I don’t want the to be a play style argument

I was just wondering is there a lot of older “cheese” players???

I’ve played a good amount of 30+ guys from the forum and they were very similar in style to me

Are there any other older guys who do ?

That really depends what you consider cheese.

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If extend pressure on pg is cheesy, count me cheesier. Also I offball on screen spammers


I meant pfs and centers at point

Point guards on odd spots etc

i play Gervin at point.

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Is it cheesy to call plays 75% of the time because I’ve heard complaints from ppl saying I’m cheesy for exploiting their defense lol


Im 28. And i got called a cheeser cuz i ran zone defense all game lol

I just laughed

I run raps book so a lot of plays end in 5out spacing. And if i Need buckets sometimes 5 out iso or a give 5out situation is the best option. But i run at least 10 other plays too. So for me i dont think its cheese if u run multiple plays and different defense looks

Please no one judging styles here I want to say that again

I’m just curious

@Knezius I’ve seen a lot of people run him at point

Peeps just complain lol

That’s about. I also gonna full court press (not ofball) if people zigzagg and ofball me all game long.

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I had just run a guy with this starting 5

1 Kareem
2 Robinson
3 kp
4 Yao
5 giannis

Just made me wonder

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I come from online/offline myleagues 11-12 min quarters and played straight sim but it’s hard to do that online with how short the games are.

I had to change my playstyle and the type of players I picked. Up and down, fast paced, lots of spacing, 3s and transition D.

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I’m not a cheeser.
I’m always on-ball, only off-ball… against plays, pick&rolls, pick&pops, drives to the basket, rival open 3s, when my team is worse, if I have better players, when I’m losing, if this day is Wednesday, and when I want to get 3 tokens in TTO.


That’s the way to go. I took a lot of heat for running Bill Russell at PG for a few games but no one bats an eye at Opal Giannis or Opal Malone at PG. So now all bets are off.

Luckily I have Simmons and Im only moving him to back up point for Opal MVP Giannis. Giannis will be my starting PG until 2k20 drops.

To your point Dad, yea cheesing is more of a kids thing. They just don’t care about playing a game “correctly”. It’s win at all costs because it’s more important to them than adult looking to relax and have fun playing a game.

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I’m 26 and I play sim style. Run a traditional PG, on-ball 95% of the time (switch to disrupt plays), use a couple different series mixed with some play calling. My cheesiest tactic is that sometimes I run Hakeem at my bench PF next when I run Dikembe.


Wtf kinda shit is this? Didn’t you just try running 3 centers n 2 6-9 guys n get body bagged infront of the whole forum? Worry bout what your doing there ain’t no need to be tagging me in this BS

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That’s cool if you enjoy those line ups no judgement here

I like my point guards even though at times they are at a disadvantage

Also theres 1 Million cheesy things in game. Cheese is different things to different people.

Running zones, calling plays, inbound hounding, full court passes, ooping all the time, playing slow, not subbing, on balling, off balling, fouling on fast breaks just an endless amount of things that people consider cheese when it’s abused.

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Yes I was beat, I explained very clearly I’m not bashing you at all

Yes I was beat. I changed my normal line up and got my ass kicked by someone who played better… I’m ok with that

I was just wondering in a sense of older people run a line up in a nostalgia way or to get a more guaranteed win